The Self Love Breakfast Club

A membership designed to help you cultivate self-love, achieve personal growth and receive unshakable support in the process. Your best self is waiting for you.

Envision a life where...

  • You always felt worthy, aligned and good enough

  • Self-sabotage was a thing of the past

  • You no longer felt stuck or disappointed in yourself

  • You didn't feel the need to compare yourself to others

  • You felt fulfilled and no longer needed to seek external validation 

  • You didn't need the next self help book to "fix" you

  • You actually pursued the "more" you know is out there for you, and it no longer feels beyond your reach

  • You can deeply connect with others without the distraction of social media

  • You belonged to a group of wildly supportive, nonjudgmental, safe women who are deep in their own personal growth, just like you

Want the details?

Watch this short video telling you all about the SLBC!







Chrystal Rose sitting down

Meet Chrystal

Hi, I'm Chrystal Rose and I'm obsessed with helping women love themselves. I'm also an entrepreneur, Self-Love Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & host of the Self-Love Breakfast Club Podcast.


My passion and desire to create a massive impact stems from surviving a traumatic childhood. For the longest time as an adult, it felt like I was spinning my wheels until I discovered the work that I'm now sharing with you. That's when everything changed. Rather than focus on the surface with mindset and behavior change, I help my clients achieve lasting results by getting to and healing the root cause. But you don't have to have a traumatic past like me to step into your happiest, most aligned self. Just know if I can do it, I can help you do the same.


Aside from the SLBC, I offer high level 1:1 coaching, a group program Pendulum, and retreats in Italy! My goal is to offer multiple levels of accessibility in order to touch as many lives as possible.

​What You'll Get When You Join the SLBC...

  • Embodiment Work

    More effective than mindset work, embodiment exercises & journal prompts will help you dig deeper

  • Monthly Workshops

    As a member of the club, you get access to monthly workshops led by Chrystal + other experts giving you the tools to level up mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even financially.

  • Social Time

    Monthly virtual meetups with time to chat, network and engage at a deeper level with your community. Occasional (eventually regular) in person meetups & retreats!

  • Community

    A rich, supportive community of likeminded women who are dedicated to working on themselves and who just get it

  • Distraction Free

    Away from the clutter & noise from social media, you can be present and intentional here

  • Access to Your Coach, Chrystal

    As a part of the community, Chrystal is in it with you and spends time answering questions, participating in conversations & sharing her own process openly.

  • Audio + Video Library

    Library of guided meditations and breathwork sessions with new content added every month

  • Bonus Perks

    Discounts on merch and brand partnerships. First access and exclusive pricing on in person events, meetups & retreats. 

  • Coming Soon...

    Regular Breathwork sessions starting in October.

    + We'll continually be adding new features, perks and value to the club based on what YOU the members desire.

What Clients Are Saying...

I’ve seen more progress in my journey in the two months I’ve worked with Chrystal than I have in the ten years I’ve been working on myself. This just slowly started clicking. Then little shifts started happening more and more. I can’t wait to see what the next four months hold. If you have struggled with healing yourself and working on your issues, this is the program for you. If I was a rich woman I would pay for all the women in my life to do this program.

Danielle S.

Pendulum Group Coaching

My experience has been completely life-changing. When I started, I was mentally and physically exhausted and needed to make some changes within myself. Chrystal helped me understand the need to be connected to my body and stop just living in my head. We uncovered deep wounds that were holding me back and recognized my many identities and pin-pointed which are no longer serving me and those that are and can be strengthened.

Chrystal keeps things real, she will push you to dig deep and will hold your hand and be your biggest cheerleader along the way. You can truly feel how invested she is in helping you reach your goals. I couldn't imagine doing this type of work with anyone else.

Jocelyn P.

Self-Love for Life 1:1 Coaching

I came into Pendulum thinking I was finally finding the tool that would "fix me." Instead, I'm learning how to hold the different parts of me with love and introspection instead of trying to get them to go away.

Learning to listen to my body and lean into some really uncomfortable parts, some that have been left to fester for decades, in a safe way and in a safe space, has been immensely helpful. I am already beginning to recognize when I'm bypassing my emotions and needs which gives me the opportunity to address them and let them exist instead. This is helping my reactivity to stressful situations in both my career and personal life and I am already getting better and telling others (husband, friends, family) what I need to feel supported and loved. We're only a couple of months into this process and I can't wait to see what the next part of this journey brings

Tia F.

Pendulum Group Coaching